Tales From Briantha-Kava

Adventure will find you. Bring allies.

The Garden of Night Trilogy

by Emery Ayres

“I am Saphrona. I am that which you used to be. I am that which you aspire from dusk to dawn, with all your heart, to be again. I am the reason you must not heed the call of the Feral. I am the reason you must never give in to Antonia. I am human. And I do not fear you.”
~ Droknina

Book II: Droknina

The only light that can defeat this darkness is the light you carry within you.

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As the consort of the Prince of the Vampiri, Saphrona resolves not to lose her identity in Gideon’s shadowy world. Though she feels ever more drawn to him and sympathizes with his people’s struggle to emulate human compassion, she refuses to allow anything to threaten her autonomy.

Gideon longs for Saphrona’s love, but he is reluctant to reveal the full reality of their new relationship, for fear it will drive an irrevocable wedge between them before he has a chance to win her heart. When Saphrona discovers his omission, it shatters her trust in him.

Heartbroken, Gideon risks self-destruction to prove to Saphrona that her free will is sacred to him. Even as his gamble leads to a revelation that will bring them forever closer, the consequences of such a risk set the Followers on the path of war with Antonia and tragic betrayal in House Bloodstone.

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